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You are an entrepreneur, innovator, researcher or just a regular person with a great idea or an early stage business. You have the ambition to build a company with international growth potential. You want professional guidance to make it happen.


Teknopol offers tailored professional business advice free of cost, when you need it, as often as you need it and as long as you need it. If you show the potential to become a game-changer, we will do just about anything to support you.



Teknopol business advisors are experienced entrepreneurs with huge networks within cleantech, life science, IT/mobile ... We work with 200 startups a year and also develop new methods to initiate and support innovative, fast growing companies.


The Teknopol team

Maybe the most committed and competent people in the innovation business.

Confidentiality, Independence, Gateway, Attention, Commitment, Competence, Network.

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The startups

Apple, Intel, Blackberry look for innovative companies in Skåne. A history of research, entrepreneural drive, world leading industries attracting engineers and other professionals in combination with a regional council having a growth-by-innovation set of mind supporting entrepreneurship, make Skåne a gold mine of innovative startups.

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Att göra affärer med Region Skåne – seminarium

Region Skåne vill ha en öppen dialog med marknadens alla aktörer i syfte att öppna upp för nya lösningar och nya företag. Därför bjuder Koncerninköp, Region Skånes inköps- och upphandlingsavdelning, in till ett öppet idéseminarium med temat Att göra affärer…

Inspirationskväll för entreprenörskap inom vård & omsorg

Privat verksamhet inom vård och omsorg med offentlig finansiering kan startas på olika grunder. Vårdvalen enligt lagen om Valfrihetssystem, LOV, möjliggör att ackreditering kan sökas men egen verksamhet kan också startas i samband med en upphandling, LOU, eller genom ett…

Internet Discovery Day Malmö 2015

IDD is the event where entrepreneurs find what they need and investors find the next big thing. Like all good things in life – IT’S FREE! May 27th, register at the link below!