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Mobile heights business center

Welcome to Mobile Heights Business Center (MHBC)
– a cooperation between great ideas, entrepreneurs, industry, private and public actors to accelerate the growth of mobile communication start-ups. Mobile Heights Business Center is financed by the telecom cluster Mobile Heights and administrated by Teknopol AB.

MHBC has two products:

A vivid network of entrepreneurs, investors, industries and innovation supporters who meet regularly to nourish from each other.

An accelerating Power Hour where innovators receive feedback and valuable contacts from the industry representatives within Mobile Heights.

See Joakim Nelson, Head of industry collaboration and asset management at Sony Ericsson, explain why the company is engaged in MHBC. See www.mhbc.se for more information or contact Marianne Larsson, MHBC Mananger.

The Mobile Heights Business Center is based on a project 2009-2011 which was financed by the European regional development fund, Region Skåne and Innovationsbron. The outcome of this project is presented below. 

Since January 2012 MHBC is a permanent exclusive offer to mobile related startups with high potential. Financial sponsors are the regional council of Skåne, the ICT cluster Mobile Heights and the professional business advisor company Teknopol.

The purpose of MHBC is to create and accelerate growth within the mobile sector in southern Sweden, through innovation and cooperation.

Marianne Larsson about Mobile Heights Business Center

Marianne Larsson, founder of Mobile Heights Business Center

Why is Mobile Heights Business Center important?

– Mobile Heights Business Center is an injection and a fast track for telecom business ideas and technologies towards growth and success on the global market. It is also a place for industry to spin out viable ideas that turns out to be outside the scope of their own strategy.

- The business center is designed to increase the commercial outcome of knowledge and resources available in the region. Individuals in industry, academy and society are in this together, sharing the same common goal – growth.

What does it prove?

– This project shows that great ideas combined with true entrepreneurial skills, close cooperation with industry and the right support from significant private and public actors increases growth and commercial success.

And the results?

– More jobs, more tax income, more room for prosperity, increased international attention and a positive trend spiral for even bigger winnings.


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