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For each persons contact information please click on their picture and scroll down. Feel free to contact any of us, or at info@teknopol.se with a hint about what line of business you're in, and we'll see to that the right person gets back to you. Remember - it's free of charge for innovators! In some cases, we refer you to other actors like Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum, Almi or incubators, to get the most suitable support for your business.

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Dellson, Anders

CEO, Business Advisor IT and Telecom

E-mail: anders.dellson@teknopol.se
Phone: +46 46 286 87 19
Mobile: +46 703 599 940
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Dellson, Anders

Anders Dellson is the CEO of Teknopol. He has a background as head of technology company Mitrionics; building operations and raising capital in Silicon Valley. Earlier in his career Anders worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, and he also started and ran a marketing agency in Stockholm. Anders was one of the initiators of Venture Cup in southern Sweden. He has a Masters Degree of Science in Engineering Physics and a Degree in Economy from Lund University.

– I am a salesman for Teknopol, and I have to show the value of our mission, business purpose, methods and performance; to the entrepreneurs and to our customers. We’re in the business of innovation and our business advisors always have to be at least one step ahead; evaluating, learning, adapting, developing.

What is your best quality as a business advisor?
– Generally, I have the knowledge, experience, and a network that has a direct and tangible value to our clients. It’s also a question of attitude; I sincerely want to contribute to more people getting around to building businesses.

What is your best piece of advice to your clients at Teknopol?
– Don’t believe the simple truths that you are served. That you have to do this or that you have to do that to be successful. What you have to do is to do something unique. And also expose yourself to as many opportunities as possible, because you never know where or when you will reach out.


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